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Top Best 9 MongoDB alternatives in 2019

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL DBMS which utilizes an archive situated database display. It bolsters different types of information. Be that as it may, in MongoDB information utilization is high because of de-standardization.

In this way, here, is a curated rundown of Top 9 MongoDB options. This rundown incorporates business and in addition, open-source programming with famous highlights and most recent download connect.

1) RethinkDB

RethinkDB is the open-source, adaptable DBMS framework. It encourages you to makes constant building applications drastically less demanding. This DBMS device offers an adaptable inquiry dialect, instinctive activities, checking APIs, and is anything but difficult to set up and learn.


Encourages you to construct and scale ongoing applications drastically less demanding

You can assemble current applications utilizing your most loved web structure

You can likewise be matched with ongoing innovations like SignalR and Socket.io

Enables you to incorporate the most recent advances in database innovation

Express connections utilizing joins, create area mindful applications

Download interface: https://www.rethinkdb.com/

2) OrientDB

OrientDB is an open source NoSQL multi-display database. It enables associations to open the genuine intensity of chart databases without the need to send different frameworks to deal with other information types. This encourages you to expand execution and security while supporting adaptability.


It is centered around Scalability and High Performance

Brought together Multi-Model API – for speedier sending

TinkerPop3 for the condition of the quick and successful redesigns

Offers improved inquiry organizer and execute

Download connect: https://orientdb.com/

3) CouchDB

CouchDB is an open source NoSQL information which depends on the regular standard to offer web openness with an assortment of gadgets. Information in CouchDB is put away in JSON arrange, and sorted out as key-esteem sets.


  • It enables you to run a solitary intelligent database server on any number of servers or virtual machines

  • CouchDB apparatus likewise works best with outside instruments like HTTP intermediary servers, stack balancers

  • Verification and Session Support

  • A multi-hub CouchDB group enables you to spare information repetitively

Download link:http://couchdb.apache.org/

4) Arangodb

ArangoDB is a local multi-display DBMS framework. It bolsters three information models with one database center and a bound together question dialect AQL. Its question dialect is decisive which encourages you to look at changed information get to designs by utilizing a solitary inquiry.


  • This apparatus is planned as a local multi-demonstrate database which underpins key/esteem, report and diagram models

  • It can work as an exceedingly versatile database group for all information show

  • You can run circulated database in one datacenter and imitate it to another datacenter

  • Shield your information with best in class high-security highlights

Download interface: https://www.arangodb.com/

5) PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a generally famous open source database the board framework. It offers help for both SQL for social and JSON for non-social inquiries.


  • Support for multi-variant simultaneousness control

  • Offer help for customer server organize engineering

  • Offers reserve server and high accessibility

  • Item situated and ANSI-SQL2008 good

Download connect: https://www.postgresql.org/

6) Apache Cassandra

The Apache Cassandra is a perfect decision for you on the off chance that you need versatility and high accessibility without influencing its execution. This MongoDB elective device offers bolster for recreating over various datacenters.


  • Information is duplicated to different hubs to give an adaptation to non-critical failure framework

  • There are no system bottlenecks as each hub in the group is sperate

  • Cassandra offers bolster for contracts and administrations from outsiders.

  • Encourages you to pick between synchronous or offbeat replication for each refresh.

Download Link: http://cassandra.apache.org/

7) IBM Cloudant

IBM Cloudant is a dispersed DBMS framework and full administration JSON record. It encourages you to store web and portable applications which enables you to keep up information access and accessibility at outrageous scale.


  • All occasions are sent on bunches which length over all zones

  • Synchronized and reproduces intelligible and writable duplicates of information over different server farms

  • You can improve your applications with the inherent key esteem, MapReduce, full-content inquiry and geospatial questioning

  • Encourages you to use adaptable JSON blueprint and amazing API that is perfect with Apache CouchDB

Download interface: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/cloudant

8) DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a nonrelational database. This database framework gives predictable inactivity and offers worked in security, and in-memory storing. DynamoDB is a serverless database which scales consequently and backs up your information for insurance


  • Key-esteem and record information demonstrate bolster

  • Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator conveys quick perused execution for your DynamoDB

  • DynamoDB coordinates with AWS Lambda to give triggers

  • DynamoDB offers auxiliary lists which offer the adaptability to inquiry on any quality

  • Download connect: https://aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/

9) CockroachDB

CockroachDB is a circulated open source SQL database created by Cockroach Labs. It is an open source venture which was propelled by Google Spanner.


Versatile, dispersed SQL framework with ACID exchanges

Guarantee your scaling business-basic applications which are constantly accessible and right

Offers bolster for containerized organizations

Multi-datacenter and multi-locale organizations

Download interface: https://www.cockroachlabs.com/

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