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Information About A Range Of Academic, Learning Support, Financial, And Other Important College Questions.

Information About A Range Of Academic, Learning Support, Financial, And Other Important College Questions.

Even if you identified closely with one of the student categories we presented in Section 3: Identify Your Goals, you will still have a unique combination of needs and preferences.When it comes to online education, there are more choices available than ever before. Which programs are the best fit for your needs? What are the best methods to research the options?

There are many ways to gather information about a range of academic, learning support,

financial, and other important college questions. about what they did before choosing a program.

Many students relied on multiple sources, but the most frequently selected options were

reading online reviews from students and researching college websites.

Each school collects data about student performance. Many schools now provide this

information openly so that you can get a better idea of how success is measured and

achieved at the institutions you are interested in attending. 77% of schools report that

students are asking for “placement/employment” rates, which may come as no surprise

given the employment focus of most students’ education goals.

According to our school survey results, many online programs are developed with a range

of student career goals in mind. Whether you want to prepare to enter your first career

or advance in a current field as a working professional, talk with admissions and academic

advisors to get more details about how the program you are interested in is designed to fit

your career goals.

online education a good choice? Even with all of the challenges

and roadblocks our surveyed students identified, an overwhelming

majority of online graduates (89%) said they would recommend it. We also asked if they thought their online degrees have been or will be a positive return on their investment in the process and 87% said “Yes.” Why do they recommend being an online student? A wide range of reasons was provided,

many of which are related to easy access to classes, and the convenience and flexibility of what

has long been described as “any time, any place” learning.Online alumni in our study also

appreciated being able to work on their courses at their own pace. Thank you.

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Information About A Range Of Academic, Learning Support, Financial, And Other Important College Questions.

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