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Idera Up Time Infrastructure Monitor (Uptime Monitoring Software Free)

Unify IT Performance Monitoring And Optimization (Uptime Infrastructure Monitor)


Unify IT Performance Monitoring And Optimization (Uptime Infrastructure Monitor) 

  • Dashboard Does the Work
  • Know Who Is Accessing Your System 
  • Put Your Server Data to Use 
  • Track Your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
  • Detailed Reporting Made Easy 
  • One IT Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard 
  • Server Capacity Planning 
  • SLA Performance Monitoring & Reporting 
  • Flexibility to Monitor Anything 
  • Out-of-the-Box Simplicity 
  • ServiceNow Integration 
The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor gives you the ability to monitor your entire server from one source. This software is functional on all devices with an internet protocol (IP) address, making it usable on any computer or mobile device. In addition, it can also be deployed in the cloud. Unlike infrastructure management tools that only monitor one aspect of your server, the Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor patrols all of your company’s physical servers, network devices, virtual machines (VMs), applications, and services, across multiple platforms.

The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is ready to be installed immediately upon purchase. No accessory packs or additional software units are required to get the program up and running. The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor works with multiple platforms. Servers running on a Windows platform will have the most optimized installation and startup experience, while some platforms do require more work to install. Overall, the Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is a ready-to-use program that does not require a complicated or complex setup for most systems. However, if you are running a platform that requires a more detailed installation, detailed instructions are given, and a help desk is available.

Monitor servers, VMs, network devices, and applications from a unified dashboard 

Use historical data to plan for future server capacity needs 

Track service-level performance trends for SLA compliance and reporting 

Monitor virtually anything via a multitude of pre-built plug-ins or custom scripts 

Streamline incident management with native ServiceNow integration 

Out-of-the-box simplicity for fast time to value 

Dashboard Does The Work

With the Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, you can customize your department’s dashboards to monitor their specific systems and still have a network monitoring dashboard for executive monitoring. The dashboard makes customized setup simple with drag-and-drop icons that can be placed in whatever order you prefer. With easily identifiable graphic icons, the dashboard is user-friendly and gives even your most junior information technology (IT) trainee the ability to understand what they are reading. Within the customization options, your IT department and executives can set up conditional alerts to notify you if a system error or a breach has been detected.

The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor gives you the ability to control who has access to your dashboards. Private dashboards can be created quickly for small workgroups or specific staff members without your entire staff having access. The program also allows you to add your own preferred customization of color schemes and dashboard orientation.
Know Who Is Accessing Your System

The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor gives your company the ability to know who is accessing your system, twenty-four hours a day. The program runs on any device that has an IP address, which means that you can log in to your dashboard from anywhere. You can also set up alerts to go to your multiple devices, or only to your primary computer.

The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor tracks each IP address that accesses your system. Whether there is a login issue to your system or just a simple access from a longtime employee, you will know who logged in, what they did during that time, and when they logged out.
Put Your Server Data To Use

Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor gives your company the ability to know what all of your programs and platforms are doing simultaneously and keeps a log for your records. You have the ability to monitor Windows, Linux, UNIX, Novell, Virtual Servers (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen), the Cloud, and more, all from one source.

Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor will track your server history and determine how much server capacity is being used. The system can then look at your current available space, compare it to the amount of activity on your server, and determine when and if you will run out of space. This gives your company the heads-up it needs to upgrade your system before you suffer serious effects.
Track Your Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitoring gives your company the means to stay on target for all of your SLAs and to set realistic goals. The Uptime software allows you to propose a service level objective (SLO) and then compares the SLO to your previous server data. This gives you a quick insight into whether or not your set goals are realistic for your system’s current state. You then have the ability to play with your SLO and determine what your system can handle. You can also receive recommendations on ways to enhance SLA capacity and improve your overall system efficiency.

Detailed Reporting Made Easy

If your company likes detailed reports which lay out all levels of system monitoring, the Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor can handle your company’s needs. The Scrutinizer is an add-on that can itemize all of the data from your dashboard. This add-on gives you the ability to see your network flow traffic by switch port number, Transmission Control Protocol/User Datagram Protocol port number, and by the protocol.

In the event that you want real-time information about your server without having to run a full report, you can use the program’s add-ons to get an expedient read-out of the detailed information you require. The Scrutinizer gives you the ability to click on a specific program or device within your system and displays the specific IP address and data usage. This add-on is also where you would set up security alarms and notification parameters, to alert you to any system issues that require your attention.

The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor also gives your company the ability to run any report you can think of from the reporting tab. When you click on the reporting tab, you will be presented with a lengthy list of options, from the style of report you want to data concerning all dates, staff logins, port numbers, and dashboards which have been accessed. You can even run reports based solely on specific IP addresses. Within a few steps, your company can narrow down any amount of information and have the data you need easily exported to email, or printed to the screen, a PDF, or an XML file.

Idera offers a free trial of the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor with no commitment to purchase, and no billing information exchanged. Your company can test all aspects of the program for a limited time, and determine if this is the right software for you. You also have the option of requesting a demonstration of the product before you sign up for a trial period.

One IT Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

Proactively monitor physical servers, virtual machines, network devices, applications, and services across multiple platforms running on-premise, remotely, or in the Cloud. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides a unified view of IT environment health and a GUI that is easily customizable, with a drag-and-drop dashboard design. Create private IT dashboards, team dashboards (server, application, capacity and networking teams, and even the specialist practitioner such as SharePoint farm administrators, etc.), and a network operations center (NOC) for the entire data center in minutes.

Server Capacity Planning

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor offers integrated capacity monitoring and reporting across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Novell, Virtual Servers (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen), Cloud, and more. Leverage historical capacity data to better plan and understand how much capacity you have currently, how much you are currently using, and when are you tending to run out of space, directly on a dashboard or through manual or automated report delivery all at no additional cost.

SLA Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor allows users to easily set SLAs, monitor their progress and performance trends, and communicate the results to management for compliance and reporting purposes. Intelligent IT SLA monitoring and alerting proactively sends alerts when IT is trending to miss an SLA target, long before the SLA report is due. When problems do arise, users can react swiftly with accurate troubleshooting, deep SLA root-cause analysis, and detailed SLA reporting on the infrastructure elements that are affecting the service level delivery.

Flexibility To Monitor Anything

Integrated server monitoring across Windows, Linux, UNIX, Novell, Solaris, AIX, Virtual (VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen), Cloud, and more. Monitor thousands of network devices, including anything with an IP address. Monitor a multitude of applications (Web, CRM, ERP, Email, custom, etc.), as well as application transactions and end-user experience. Leverage Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s grid with an extensive library of pre-built, plug-in monitors for a variety of technology platforms created by our customers to share with others.

Out-Of-The-Box Simplicity

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor installs in minutes with a new Discovery Wizard that launches automatically after the product is installed. The wizard can discover many device types in a single pass and includes the ability to add relevant service monitors to the devices found. It has an easily configurable design with no extra modules or management packs necessary to get started. Administrators can set up any number of infrastructure elements to monitor as well as define an unlimited number of user groups and user notification options to ensure the right people get the access to the information they need.

ServiceNow Integration

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor includes native integration with ServiceNow. Users can create an incident ticket in ServiceNow using an alert profile that can be tied to any alertable monitor in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. Ticket creation can also be a step in an escalation path and target to particular situations, helping to eliminate the noise commonly found in ticket automation.
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